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The Future of Testing

I’m a Senior Testing Practitioner who has successfully delivered all test phases across multiple projects and programmes in a portfolio concurrently, in a complex and demanding environment.

I have extensive experience in leading teams to deliver high quality by instilling strong design principles into developers and by building a robust testing capability. My quality focus stemmed from my first role as a programmer, where I enjoyed developing software right the first time – or rather, I disliked reworking my own programs.

In my career, I have undertaken a wide range of roles in delivering change, which has enabled me to understand the expectations of a Practise Delivery Manager from different perspectives – owning, shaping and driving testing, maintaining a delivery focus as well as a quality focus.

The secret to my success in test management has been effective management of stakeholders, combined with proactive management of dependencies and continual formulation of creative ideas to improve our test approach and keep the projects on track.