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>TechTalks >AI in Education – Transforming today to achieve more tomorrow

AI in Education – Transforming today to achieve more tomorrow

To emphasize the importance of ICT in education we have to think about changes in the curriculum in all levels of education. It’s very important to include fundamental Computer Science principles in all curriculums such as unique and creative thinking, problem-solving, abstraction, precision, computation and practical application. In today’s talk, I would like to share some of Microsoft’s best practices in shaping the future young employers and professionals with examples of transformed countries who are introducing digital transformation in their education systems, systems that I am currently a part of implementing in some of New Zealand’s tertiary education providers. This includes real-time content translation for language learning, predictive analytics for student performance and bot based information services which is an example I’ll be showing in how AI capabilities are being taken advantage of in Azure today.

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