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Agility in Improving Services

In today’s fast-paced technological enhancement, services provided by suppliers could experience gradual degradation if they are not improved systemically and consistently. Since almost all services are delivered through technology, it makes sense to develop or acquire newer products, if necessary, through which Improved service levels are attainable. Those products are subject to the exact same process of service improvement once they are part of the ecosystem. The speech introduces a tailored Lean methodology aimed at Improving services provided by Auckland Transport.

Saman Lawe is a Project Manager: PRINCE2® Practitioner Certified, Enterprise Architect: TOGAF®, Network Engineer: Masters in Computer Networks &amp; Communication.

However, the methodology and tools can be re purposed in other environments and projects. For example, how can a modern workplace be achieved, maintained and continually improved? In addition to the main topic, the speech will try to define some concepts that are significant to be understood and agreed upon by stakeholders. Failure to do so may lead to resistance and failure in the initiative altogether. The methodology is not necessarily pertinent to IT services, but can also be used in a wide range of industries across the board.

Passionate about transport modeling and traffic optimization. Using Deep Learning Neural Network in building models for developed algorithms. Managing & improving services leveraging industry standard scientific measures.

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