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>Autonomous Cars >How do Autonomous Cars work in an Intelligent Transport System?

How do Autonomous Cars work in an Intelligent Transport System?


DR.Tom Ziming Qi is the Director, Auckland Institute of Smart Technology

 Based on a review of Auckland current and future Rapid Transit Network, this keynote addresses the relationship of Autonomous Cars and an Intelligent Transport System (ITS) and discuss to proof regulations and technologies to ensure it can be beneficial to Auckland.

Dr. Tom Ziming Qi is the Director, Auckland Institute of Smart Technology

Dr Tom Qi graduated from Tianjin University, China, in 1987, and got his MPhil from Waikato University in 1998, then his PhD from Massey University in 2008. His major research interest is in smart control with the Internet of Things in a multidisciplinary environment (both academic and industry sectors) to support Human Centered Design for commercialized projects.

Tom is leading a Human-Centered Design based on Available Engineering and Technology – currently working on an ” Electric Vehicle” based on “Smart Transport” and” Green Power House” and established a multidisciplinary and industry-oriented product development platform at Wellsford, Auckland. This platform provides integrated project services in an area of Information Technology (IT), engineering and business/management, to support to support post-graduate student projects, such collaborative projects have been extended to overseas universities with local government and industry funding. For examples:
• A business model for New Zealand farmers, using up-to-date technology to build smart horticulture business based on their existing dairy farms – a wheeled robot with a novel control method is to enable a networked self-driving/scanning automation control, linking to Industry 4.0/Internet of Things.
• A smart Pasture Management System linking to Industry 4.0/Internet of Things to suit New Zealand dairy farms – Wireless networked monitoring and control is introduced to reduce labour cost and improve the efficiency uses of land.
• A business model of virtual holiday house management platform linking to Industry 4.0/Internet of Things – smartphone app is introduced based on the current available holiday house booking system.

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