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How to validate your start-up Idea

Sam is co-founder and CEO of ProductDone. Since graduating in Computer Science, Sam has worked in three continents and before starting ProductDone was working with startups in New Zealand and Silicon Valley. Accomplished author of “The 30 Day Startup”, serial entrepreneur and frequent speaker at business events, Sam has advised both startups and established businesses in innovation and growth strategy.

If you have a business or are thinking about starting one, it’s going to be in the real world. Not in your mind. Your audience and customers are going to be real people, not imaginary. So why are you validating ideas in your head? You need real validation, so you don’t end up spending valuable time and resources on building something that no one wants. That’s why I believe that validation is one of the most important task that you can perform before launching yourself into your startup journey.

In my speech I will also share how successful tech founders and startups validate their ideas. But the focus of my talk will be to provide the audience with practical tips and tricks to validate nearly any idea fast and with minimal expense.


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