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>Technology >Why people don’t buy awesome new tech products and what you can do to change it

Why people don’t buy awesome new tech products and what you can do to change it

Flavio Hangarter has been on the founding team of two tech companies.  Over the past seven years, Flavio has been working with founder focused incubators and accelerators to validate and scale New Zealand’s Hi-tech startups to the world.  Today, he works with global thinking software and service founders and empowers them to reach their business potential.


You have completed your market validation. People love your product; you received some fantastic feedback – next step marketing. You advertise your product, have some fancy copy leading to your website, but nobody is buying your product.

Customer uptake is slow, and your original paths to market don’t seem to get traction. What is going wrong? You did the research, people you spoke to loved it, why is the market not responding? Market traction failure is the case all too often, and you may have even experienced it yourself. Good news is that it probably hasn’t got anything to do with your product or a flaw in your market research. It comes down to human psychology and the way we adopt new products and services into our daily routines.

In this session, Flavio Hangarter will talk about the potential downside of advertising your startup’s product to everyone. You will learn how you can increase the chance of your success by understanding the Law of Diffusion of Innovation and what you can do to gain traction in your market early on.

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