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Why people don’t buy awesome new tech products and what you can do to change it

Flavio has been on the founding team of two tech companies. Over the past seven years, Flavio has been working with founder focused incubators and accelerators to validate and scale New Zealand’s Hi-tech startups to the world. Today, he works with global thinking software and service founders and empowers them to reach their business potential.

Robotics in the New Zealand Apple Growing Sector

Rahul Jangali is currently in his first year of his PhD research and a Doctoral Assistant at The University of Waikato – School of Engineering.  His research mainly focuses on Apple fruitlet thinning using robots and path planning for the robot. His previous qualification at The University of Waikato includes Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (First class honours) and then went to pursue a Master of Engineering with honours which focused on developing a “Cave autosampler for scientific research”. The autosampler […]

How to validate your start-up Idea

Sam is co-founder and CEO of ProductDone. Since graduating in Computer Science, Sam has worked in three continents and before starting ProductDone was working with startups in New Zealand and Silicon Valley.

Grow your own

Jan will discuss how NZ employers can support and grow IT students to become the employees they need. Jan has a passion for the education sector and in particular focused vocational training. She believes in keeping students engaged by wrapping their studies around the needs of the individual, attaching learning to reality and ensuring that we provide opportunities for learners and staff to be innovative

The IT skills shortage in NZ – A recruiter’s perspective

Lisa will look at what roles recruiters in the technology sector in New
Zealand is finding particularly hard to fill, and explore why there seems to be a shortage in these areas. Following on from this, what does she think are possible solutions to ease this skills-shortage here in New Zealand as demand for IT and digital talent continues to grow. Finally, she will look at why so many people still struggle to find work even in a skills-short market and offer some top tips if you are job hunting from creating a great cover letter and CV to preparing for an interview.

Global technology trends and their impact on enterprise technology skill-set demand

A whistle-stop tour of the evolution of Cloud computing and platform business models and how this is fundamentally changing the business models and skills demands of the enterprise IT function.

How to know if your software developer is trying to kill you

Much is made of the technical skills and training required to become a modern software developer, but soft skills such as communication and empathy are often overlooked. Drawing from 15 years as an employer, Ben explains why he values these soft skills over technical skills, how they are uniquely hard to find in the software industry, and why they are of particular importance in a small fast-moving company.

How do Autonomous Cars work in an Intelligent Transport System?

Tom is leading a Human-Centered Design based on Available Engineering and Technology – currently working on an “Electric Vehicle” based on “Smart Transport” and “Green Power House” and established a multidisciplinary and industry-oriented product development platform at Wellsford, Auckland.

AI Applications from Politics to Sentiment Analysis and STEM Education

Farhad has completed his BSc, MSc, and Ph.D. in computer science. He was a post-doctorate researcher working in the area of high-performance and low-power computing systems in Kyushu University, Japan between 2007 and 2010.  From August 2010, he was an Associate Professor in the Kyushu University, where he participated in several joint projects with industry in

It is people, it is people, it is people

Most people see social media as negative, I see Social Media as a powerful tool that can be used to mobilise a global Community.  Most people use social media just to do posts, I use social media to influence mindsets.  Most people use social media without trying to understand the person between the screen and the chair, I use social media by incorporating learning styles, understanding the tech behind the platforms but most of all the need for people to [...]

Agility in Improving Services

In today’s fast-paced technological enhancement, services provided by suppliers could experience gradual degradation if they are not improved systemically and consistently. Since almost all services are delivered through technology, it makes sense to develop or acquire newer products, if necessary, through

Advanced Analytics with Microsoft AI

Using Advanced analytics and AI in the different applications become a norm in most industries. Using AI in different applications and platforms help companies to achieve their goals. Utilizing Microsoft tools for AI aspect a new trend that has been successful. In this talk a brief introduction and demo on how we

Power BI: from Data to Insight

Power BI is a revolution in getting insight from data. No matter where your data is located, Using Power BI it can be analyzed and visualized in a great way. In this session, I’m going to show you a quick demo of what you can achieve, and amazing things you can do with the Microsoft Power BI.

Framework development for brain controlled prosthetic hands.

The human body is remarkable; it is full of processes and systems that are complex and hard to comprehend. The aim of many researchers is to understand then mimic the human body and its many

Investigating Human Behavior in Disasters using Virtual Reality

Understanding human behavior in disasters is fundamental to reduce the impact of natural and human threats on communities. In this presentation, Dr. Loveglio is going to provide an overview of his research

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Projects and Links to New Zealand

Over the past three years, Glen Willoughby has been presenting locally and offshore, on emerging technologies and how these are being adopted at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

AI in Education – Transforming today to achieve more tomorrow

To emphasise importance of ICT in education we have to think about changes in the curriculum in all levels of education. It’s very important to include fundamental Computer Science principles in all curriculums such as unique and creative thinking, problem solving, abstraction, precision, computation and practical application.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain

Senior Technologist with over 15 years experiences architecting, designing, implementing and supporting enterprise environments providing solutions through the entire systems stack from the front to the back end. Vanig is an e-commerce startup powered by the blockchain. Their aim is to create a platform that changes the way e-commerce works.

The Future of Testing

I’m a Senior Testing Practitioner who has successfully delivered all test phases across multiple projects and programmes in a portfolio concurrently, in a complex and demanding environment.I have extensive experience in leading teams to deliver high quality by instilling strong design principles into developers and by building a robust testing capability.

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