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IT’S THE PEOPLE | Mary Aue | Coconut Wireless
How Social Media helps giving your business a voice and interact with your audience.
SMART TRANSPORT | Dr.Tom Ziming Qi |
Auckland Institute of Smart Technology

the relationship of Autonomous Cars and an Intelligent Transport System (ITS) and discuss to proof regulations and technologies to ensure ITS can be beneficial to Auckland.
AI Applications from Politics to STEM|Farhad Mehdipour | OPAIC
This presentation overviews some of AI applications in different domains.
Agility in Improving Services | Saman Lawe | AT

Passionate about transport modelling and traffic optimization. Using Deep Learning Neural Network in building models for developed algorithms. Managing & improving services leveraging industry standard scientific measures.
Brain Controlled Prosthetic Hands | Mahonri Owen |The University of Waikato
Mahonri will discuss some of his attempts at designing brain controlled interfaces for prosthetic applications and what he has learnt through all his studies.
VR and Human Behaviour in Disasters |
Dr. Rino Lovreglio | Massey University
Dr Loveglio shows the effectiveness of combining novel technologies, such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, and 3D scanning to investigate human behaviour in disasters.
AI in Education | Chimene T. Bonhomme | Microsoft
Microsoft’s best practices in shaping the future young employers and professionals with examples of transformed countries who are introducing digital transformation in their education systems, systems that she is currently a part of implementing in some of New Zealand’s tertiary education providers.